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Coronavirus: Morning update as lockdown extension discussed

Here are five things to bring you up to speed with the coronavirus outbreak this Thursday morning. We’ll have another update for you at 18:00 BST.

1. Lockdown to be extended?

As the initial three-week restriction on daily life nears an end, ministers are considering an extension. In Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford has already said the lockdown will continue.

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With a warm bank holiday forecast, the British public are being urged to stay at home

2. Are minorities hardest hit?

Amid suggestions the virus is having a disproportionate impact on people from ethnic minority backgrounds, our Reality Check team examines the data.

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3. Calls for international unity

Italy’s prime minister says the EU must act together to help its worst-hit countries, or risk falling apart. And the World Health Organization’s boss calls for “unity” in the face of criticism from US President Donald Trump.

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Media captionItalian PM Giuseppe Conte said he might begin to relax some measures by the end of this month

4. Student rent charges

Some university students are being told to pay full rent for rooms they will not be using next term because of the lockdown. Student leaders say they should be released from their contracts.

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Portsmouth student union president Helena Schofield

5. William and Kate video call key workers’ children

See how children reacted to the surprise royal call in which the couple also thanked the teachers for keeping the school open.

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Media captionWatch how children reacted to their royal call

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You can find more information, advice and guides on our coronavirus page.

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